Magnolia Neighborhood Planning Council

Planning    Coordinator:

  Elizabeth Campbell



Neighborhood Representatives:

   Bailey Park



   Bridge Crest

     Shary Flenniken


   Carlton Park I

     Gretchen Taylor


   Carlton Park II


   Central Valley

      Bill Rasmussen


   City View—South



   City View—North


   Discovery Park


      Ron Piland


   Dravus Corridor


   Land’s End

      Robin Budd




   Lane Neighbors


   Magnolia Village

      Joan Abrevaya


   Manor Place

      Candy Martin


   Salmon Bay




   Business District


   Thorndyke Corridor 


      Chris Wyrick


   28th Avenue    







Local Organizations:

    Discovery Park 

    Advisory Group


Discovery Park         Adopt-an- Area Stewards*

*  Individual Steward’s Site


    Friends of

    Discovery Park


    Friends of Ursula

    Judkins Viewpoint

    Smith Cove Park


    Ella Bailey Park








    Industrial Council


    Heron Habitat







    Magnolia Action 



    Magnolia Bridge

    Advisory Group


    Magnolia Chamber

    of Commerce



    Historical Society


    Salmon Bay



    Sustainable             Neighborhood



by Marlene Rogers

About "Magnolia Grande"

Planning for Magnolia’s Future

Our Goal:  Getting to “Yes!”


This is the website of the Magnolia Planning Council.  There are numerous links to information about the various neighborhoods we represent, projects we’re working on and worked on, and the planning efforts we are undertaking towards the development of a neighborhood plan. 

Please browse through the site, please sign-up for meeting announcements and info by sending us an email, or: 

Þ Volunteer for the Planning Council

Þ Send us Suggestions for the Planning Council

· Community Events & Calendar

·  MNPC Meeting—General Community Meeting July 2013 


       Fundraiser Series:  Next Event  -  Hot Dog Roast -  June 2013

Ursula Judkins Viewpoint Park



· About the Magnolia Neighborhood Planning Council

· Become a Planning Council Representative

· Honorable Mention—Locals Helping Others

· Announcements:      

· MNPC and Its Planning Partners

· Coming Soon:

· Neighborhood Match Fund Applications

· Thorndyke Place Beautification Project

· Planning, Land Use, Development and the MNPC

· MNPC Bylaws and Incorporating Documents


   Current Land Use Issues and Projects:

· Friends of Ursula Judkins Viewpoint 

· Friends of Smith Cove Park

· Discovery Park Capehart /Officer’s Housing Conversion 

· Amgen Expansion

· City View Neighborhood Median Project

· Interbay/Dravus St. Zoning Overlay

· Magnolia Elementary School 

· Memorial Park Benches

· Off Leash Dog Park Proposal 

· Burlington Northern Train Noise

· Port of Seattle    

· Cruise Terminal Pier 91

· North Bay

· 34th Avenue W. Street Improvement Project    

· Thorndyke Median Project

· Mounger Pool All Season Enclosure

· Whole Foods at Interbay Corridor

· Other Projects:

· Community and Citizen Guest Opinions  -  Pro/Con

· City Budgeting Process


    Thank You For Visiting

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Website Note:  Because the MNPC is an all volunteer organization, and because it is in the process of organizing its operation, this website is a work-in-progress.  It is being expanded and updated on a regular basis; at present updates occur at approximately one week intervals. 

Last Updated:  Saturday, June 01, 2013



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DISCLAIMER: The Magnolia Neighborhood Planning Council Web site is an informational site only. Official documents of the council are maintained at the State of Washington, Secretary of State’s office, and at the Magnolia Neighborhood Planning Council’s office.

Official notices of meeting dates, activities and other events are sent via US Mail to residents in special mailings, posted in bulletins, or published in the Magnolia News. While the webmaster makes every attempt to post accurate information, the Magnolia Neighborhood Planning Council does not warrant the accuracy of the information contained herein.