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    Judkins Viewpoint

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Ursula Judkins Viewpoint















Watch video about Ursula Judkins



Park Namesake:

   Before she passed away in December 2000, Ursula Judkins was active in Magnolia community organizations, and persistently advocated for parks and open space in Magnolia and improvements to Discovery Park.  According to Parks head, Ken Bounds, "Ursula was an inspiration to all of us, passionately committed to the community and open space in Seattle".  The Discovery Park Advisory Council, Magnolia Community Club, Heron Habitat Helpers, and the Magnolia Chamber of Commerce all supported the naming of the new park after Ursula Judkins.

Park History:


   In 2003, Seattle Parks acquired 7.3 acres from the U.S. Navy, in cooperation with King County. King County Councilman Phillips was instrumental in securing from the County, $3.3 Million of the $6 Million purchase price paid by the City of Seattle for the property.  Subsequent to the purchase, $300,000 of the County money, which had been earmarked by the County, was used to clear, grade, and seed the lower portion of the property, creating a practice field for youth sport organizations and the public in general.  


   The 7.33-acre property is located in two areas:  the upper area on West Galer Street on Magnolia Bluff , just west of the Magnolia Bridge, and the lower area, along 23rd Avenue West between the Magnolia Bridge and the Elliott Bay Marina. The area was used as a train yard before the Navy acquired it during World War II for use as officers’ quarters and an embarkation point for troops headed for the war in the Pacific and the Korean War.


   The purchase of the property was financed with funds from Seattle’s 2000 Pro Parks Levy and $3 million from King County’s 2003 Wastewater Division Capital Budget. The county funds were already dedicated towards acquisition of land at Smith Cove for development into youth athletic fields. Additional funding came from the Shoreline Park Improvement Fund, which provides mitigation for expansion of the West Point Treatment Plant.


   In August, 2005, the Friends of Ursula Judkins Viewpoint/Smith Cove group was formed, to act as the Viewpoint’s and Lower Smith Cove Park’s steward.  In March, 2006, the Friends were awarded a Neighborhood Match Fund Grant by the City, in order to hire a landscape architect to draw a schematic design plan for the park.  Public meetings were held, a landscape architect was hired in order to obtain the community’s input about what types of features and amenities they want for the Viewpoint.   A shortage of funding to implement the plan terminated the project.


Additional info on the Smith Cove park and area:    



Smith Cove Parks


Ursula Judkins Viewpoint


Smith Cove Land Acquisition History


Smith Cove Park area history

View looking south/southeast, towards Downtown, from Ursula Judkins Viewpoint


New: August 2008:


Friends’ State Incorporation Document




RFQ - Schematic Design Landscape Architect Needed for Schematic Design for Viewpoint

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